About Us

Why Choose us

With Velotour Florence you can be sure to receive the highest customer care. We have been operating in the rickshaw field since 2013 and were one of the first companies in Florence.

  • Our drivers are all licensed with NCC so you will be you traveling in complete safety.
  • Our young Italian company started in 2013 with the idea to offer an eco friendly alternative to visiting Florence.
  • You will be tour will be conducted by true locals putting love and passion into the tours, bringing the Florence to life.
  • Our tours are accessible and we cater for people with difficulty walking.
  • We offer a multilingual tours.
  • We offer intimate tours of the city letting you live the true florentine atmosphere.
  • Our collaborators are hand picked for the highest quality, from guides to restaurants. We want our clients to have only what we would accept as locals.
  • You can pay quickly and securely online.
  • Sit back, relax and let the locals take you around our beautiful Florence.
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